Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My weekend

I had a great weekend. First, I woke up at 10:09 am, then I made my bed. After that, I changed my clothes and I went to eat breakfast. I ate Lucky Charms. Then, I brushed my teeth and went downstairs. I got my DS carger and brang it upstairs to put it in my room and charge my DS. While it was charging, my sister wanted to connect so I said "yes". I won 3 and she won maybe 4 or 5 times. Then it became 8:00. I wanted to sleep over at my cousin's house so I did. It was fun! Then, when I got home I went on Facebook. After that my mom used it so I watched TV with my sister. Then I went to sleep. Then it was Sunday. When I woke up and went downstairs and ate breakfast my mom said "Get ready for church." So I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes and went downstairs to put my shoes on. I went in the car. It was my dad's new car. After that I got out of the car and went in to church. After a while we got out of church and went back in the car and my mom drove to Wendy's. My dad wanted to go there but I did not want to go. But I had to. So my mom made me get chicken nuggets. I only ate 3 so I gave the rest to my sister. When everybody was finished we went home and I took a shower. When I was finished my sister took one, too. I watched television (TV). When I got bored I went on te computer to go on Aim. When I was finished it was lunch time. We ate chicken. It was good but my mom did not cook it my grandma did. My mom picked it up when I was finished. I went in my room and changed into my karate clothes. In a while, I got out and it was 7:00 pm. So I watched TV with my mom and went to sleep! Then it was Monday. I woke up and made my bed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. If forgot what I ate but it's okay. So after that I went upstairs again to brush my teeth and change and in a while I went back downstairs. I got my backpack and put my shoes on and got in the car and my mom drove to school.

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