Monday, November 29, 2010


I had a great Thanksgiving. First, on Thanksgiving day I had to go to my moms friends house at 1:00. When I got there I had to eat. I ate turkey and corn. After that I ate desert. For desert I ate cake and a cookie. After that my dad wanted me to go to my sisters friends house with all the other teens. When I was almost there I saw my mom and she told me, my sister, and my dad had to go back because we had to pick up my grandpa cause he wanted to go to my cousins house and we had to go also. When we got there i just sat there and did nothing. Then when we ate I didn't want to eat because I ate already. Then when we left we went back to my moms friends house at 8:00. There was still people there! Then we went home and I watched TV with my dad. After that we all went to sleep. I had a fun Thanksgiving.

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